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Need to know the difference between Self Tie and Pre Tied? Arrowhead or Butterfly?

Use our Bow Tie Guide to help find the right bow tie for you.

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Pre Tied Bow Tie

As the name suggests, pre tied bow ties come pre tied, and the knot is sewn in place permanently. The neat, symmetrical style is considered a more contemporary alternative to self tie, as well as lending itself to thicker fabrics, like our Harris Tweed range. Pre tied bow ties come with an adjustable neck strap, to fit most neck sizes.


Self tie bow ties are the more traditional option, and are tied manually each time you wear them. The shape has a certain amount of asymmetry, and naturally creates a charming, slightly askew shape. It can take a few attempts to get the hang of tying one, but once mastered it is well worth the effort! Check out our traditional self tie option.

Adjustable Self Tie Bow Tie

A useful development on the traditional self tie. This adjustable version still features the traditional, manually tied bow, however the built in adjustable strap and clip allows the bow to stay tied once you remove it. As well as ensuring a perfect fit, this saves a lot of time tying the bow with each wear, but retains the completely traditional shape and style. Admirers will be none the wiser that you're dapper style took no time at all to achieve! 

Self Tie Arrowhead Bow Tie

Sometimes called the diamond point, this bow tie takes the same form as a self tie, but with pointed tips. It creates a quirky, more asymmetrical shape, and the added point length makes this bow tie the largest in our range. It is a great way to add a fun and quirky element to your look, without sacrificing any style points! 

Now you're ready to Shop bow ties! If you can't see your bow tie in the style you'd like, just contact us and we'll get one made up for you.