5 tips on finding your Groom style

Groomsman style Liberty print tie

The groom's outfit has changed and evolved in recent years, with a huge depth of style choices now accepted and seen as fashionable at weddings. Grooms are showing their flair and individuality, by incorporating more textures, pattern and colour into their attire. With everything from Tweed, to florals and silk on trend, be bold and show off your individuality! Here are our top groom style tips;


Summer wedding cornfield autumn colours

Seasons play a huge part in styling weddings, and if in doubt, use the season to spruce up your style. Having an Autumn wedding? Play around with rich, deep colours and textures. Velvet blazers, tweed bow ties or unconventional boutonnieres (Think feathers, seed pods, etc in with your foliage) are all great choices. Getting married in Spring? try pastel colours, floral patterns and light, fresh fabrics. Winter weddings are great for opulence, so black tie, velvet, silks are all failsafe choices. Summer weddings are a chance to be a little wild and free, so ditch the jacket and accessorise a shirt with braces, boutonniere and bow tie.


Summer wedding groomsmen mismatched style

A lot of couples like to embrace mismatched accessories now, which dovetails nicely into the trend for mismatched bridesmaids dresses. This could be as simple as the groom wearing a full set, and the groomsmen having a different colour pocket square, or as individual as every groomsman sporting a different print! This is a great way of incorporating a broader colour scheme, or working with a larger wedding party.


wedding groom with Harris tweed bow tie

Mixing things up a bit can also be a brilliant way of highlighting the groom. Don't worry too much about matching your groomsmen, your outfit should be instantly and noticeably different. That's not to say you won't compliment each other, but you want to avoid looking like clones. Experiment with layering and accessories, or an alternative suit jacket, whilst using key elements to tie everything together.

For summer weddings, think waistcoats, with just the groom sporting a jacket too. Or perhaps the Groom wears the only waistcoat... endless possibilities and a sure way to ensure the groom stands out! If you wanted a subtle variation, play with accessories. The groom could wear a tie, with groomsmen in matching bow ties, or have a different pattern to the rest of the bridal party.


Spring wedding florals mustard bow tie

Don't be shy about incorporating colour, just use it wisely. A pop of colour in the groomsmen's attire really accentuates that they are the wedding party, and can tie the style of the wedding together. A perfect example of this is with playful accessories. Florals, and paisleys are perfect additions, adding some colour and texture, without feeling dominating or overly matchy-matchy. Choose one or two colours from the brides bouquet and work with them to bring out complimentary colours, rather than having a sea of baby blue or lavender from head to toe of the wedding.


Summer beach wedding classic

With hundreds of styles and ways to tie the knot these days, your wedding could be anything from a low key country garden affair, to elegant gilded grandeur. Or maybe you're getting married by the sea, or in Disneyland! Whatever your venue, there will always be key highlights that you can play on and use, to really incorporate that feel into your day. 

If you're getting married on a farm, will you be having photos in wellies? A country style with lots of tweed would ensure you don't look out of place. Likewise, thick, textured tweed may not balance so well in an elegant ballroom. Look for little features for inspiration, from the colourway to the flowers growing outside. Maybe the historical building with period features inspires a more traditional style, or you want to roll your linen suit trousers up for a stroll along the beach... locations can influence style.

How will you incorporate your style? Whether it's with a pop of colour, interesting accessories, or patterns and textures, explore the choice out there and enjoy being the most dapper chap on your wedding day.

Classic car wedding summer field


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